What we do

Sound familiar?

Have you ever felt like you are on a merry-go-round? Like every day is Monday? As though you never have enough time to plan and make real changes? One day you wake up and you realize the last 10 years is just a blur? Well this is where we can help. McCabe Financial will stop the merry-go-round from spinning so that you can see what else is really going on. We help you refocus and look towards the future, which is bright! Help you make real changes to your finances so that your money works harder for you, rather than you working harder for your money. This allows you to make better use of your time for the things that really matter.

Our clients are important so we take the time to get to know them. Everyone is different, so not all strategies will work for everybody. We work with them to develop short, medium and long term goals, taking into account special circumstances such as children, education, maybe even health concerns. At this point, we do lots of research, during which time we develop strategies to not only increase our client’s wealth but also meet their future goals. Lastly, once full agreement is reached we go about implementing changes. The process is very much client focused, resulting in different recommendations for everyone, depending on their needs.

We can help you with
  • Superannuation including SMSF
  • Direct share trading and managed Investments
  • Investing in commercial or residential property
  • Risk management and personal insurances
  • Wills, succession planning and asset protection
  • Finance and leasing
  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Managing your debt
  • Setting up a Company or Family Trust
  • Financial problem solving